Endless Quest – Roundabout |ELP|

Endless Quest – Roundabout - ELP - 2014 - Front

Release Information

Endless Quest – Roundabout |ELP|

Release Date – January |31.2014|

About Endless Quest – Roundabout

«Roundabout» is compilation of unreleased tracks, which will be released this year. Here you may listen works of many already known and favorite artists of our label, also there are many tracks written by new no less interesting composers and musicians.

We wish you travel with us to this world of magic and faery with crystal sound and heady rythms.

Contact Information

Grechnev Pavel |VK|

Textere Oris |Soundcloud|

Aygel Gaysinа |Promodj|

SiJ |Soundcloud|

Limitless Wave |Soundcloud|

Nesklade |Soundcloud|

c.j. mind |Promodj|

Vena Portae |Venaportae|

Eclise |Soundcloud|

Tony Sit |Soundcloud|

Montren |Soundcloud|

Andrew Jasinski |VK|

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Endless Quest – Roundabout - ELP - 2014 - Back

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