Official Release Catalogue |2012|

The Dreamer – New Time |LP| April |18.2012| |ENDQUE01|

Jan Amit – Mind Trip |LP| April |18.2012| |ENDQUE02|

A.Shark – 1O 2D 3& 4U 5E 6CH 7K 8H 9% 0$ |LP| August |17.2012 |ENDQUE06|

Eclise – Born Again |LP| August |27.2012| |ENDQUE07|

Jan Amit Feat. |SHF| – IMMERSION |ELP| September |1.2012| |ENDQUE001|

SamuWraiter – Let’s Start… |LP| September |17.2012| |ENDQUE002|

SMN – Here & Back Again |EP| September |30.2012| |ENDQUE003|

Jan Amit Feat. Montren – Aftersounds |EP| October |21.2012| |ENDQUE004|

SamuWriter – One Past |EP| December |29.2012| |ENDQUE005|

HUGE BLACK WHALE – Rejection Of Outer Space |EP| December |29.2012| |ENDQUE006|

Eclice – Passing The Dream |EP| December |30.2012| |ENDQUE007|

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